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Beautiful Landscape & Garden Design Since 2001

I started Acer Garden Design of Maplewood, NJ in 2001. After completing a Master Gardener's program, I earned a certificate in home landscape design from Rutgers University to complement my MBA. My business took off because people value beauty in our area - and they trust me! It's fun to note that Acer is the Botanical name for Maple.

I am very much a hands-on gardener and like to blend the practical with the beautiful so that my clients optimize their resources. I take the family's lifestyle into consideration. Wherever possible, I try to incorporate native plants for a natural look. A key ingredient in a project's success is patience: gardens take time to develop fully. I deliver immediate results, but the full impact will be revealed over time as the plantings mature and come into their own.

My favorite projects are where the homeowner knows where she wants to go, but needs somebody to take her there. We work on projects of all sizes and objectives: minor tweaks to complete overhauls; deer and bunny control; spruce-up for curb appeal or special occasions; and regular maintenance including mulching to prevent weeds. Decorative containers are an easy addition almost anywhere on your property. Vegetable gardens are also becoming very popular. We develop your landscaping ideas on a drawing, which allows you to implement the plan in sections over time and within your budget.

I provide garden and landscaping design and installation in the Maplewood, NJ and surrounding areas. Acer Garden Design is fully insured and licensed by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. References are available upon request.