Let Acer Garden Design Maintain Your Landscape and Garden

Installation and Maintenance Services in Maplewood, NJ

Acer Garden design works on projects of all sizes and objectives. From minor tweaks to walkway installations; deer and bunny control; spruce-up for curb appeal or special occasions; and regular maintenance including mulching to prevent weeds. Our installation services are great for those homeowners who are looking to add to their garden without doing a complete overhaul of the landscape.

Installation Services:
Planned installations include attention to grading, drainage, permits and cleanup
Walkways, patios, garden steps and garden rocks installed
Lighting and Irrigation
Containers for four-season color installed
Annuals for special events and seasonal color

Garden Care Services

Pruning of perennials
Weed removal and prevention
Pruning of shrubs
Deer and bunny strategies
Integrated pest control